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What is Gatherade?

The Gatherade app helps you connect with other people, whether business or social. You can quickly and easily share any or all of your social media profiles with new people you meet, or existing connections.

What is the emphasis on "local"?

Most connections are made in person. With a couple of swipes, you can share any or all of your social media profiles without complex searching, typing, or sending requests. We call it proximity networking.

My friends are already my friends. What gives?

Even if connected on certain social media platforms, you can easily share others. How many do you have? Our research shows most people use 6-12 social media platforms, although prefer certain platforms for friends, others for work colleagues, etc.

My friends are usually with me. Why map them?

You can choose to share your location with certain people or certain types of friends, for a fixed duration (think, your group is out bar-hopping, you split up, but can still see each other on the map to reconnect later). Whether networking or out socially, you can see who else is nearby (choose your radius).

Aren't there other apps that let you find people?

Yes, but only when you have the same operating system or are all using certain social media apps. Gatherade allows you to see who else is nearby on both iOS and Android, and without needing to be on the same social media platform at the same time.