Our Story

In 2017, Anthony Petrelli, Founder of  Gatherade realized that he was meeting people everywhere he went. Business contacts, classmates, friends, family, etc.  For some he would find them on Facebook, others he would get their phone number or email, still others he would connect with on LinkedIn or add on Snapchat or Instagram. There was seemingly no rhyme or reason to what platforms he would connect with others on and when this would occur. He envisioned a quick and easy way of sharing this information with others. He reached out to his former MBA professor, Kevin Boeh to further explore the idea and a few months later, Gatherade was born.

Meet the Team

At Gatherade, we build products that make your life simpler. Our goal is to help you save time and money and reduce the ever-increasing complexity found in all of our lives.


Anthony Petrelli

Anthony is an industrial and systems engineer by training. His experience is in the technologies behind marketing and sales data analytics. While completing his MBA, Anthony led the Big Data and Analytics Club (President) and was Director of Programming for the Strategy Club. His passion is business strategy and product development with a focus on technology and innovation. Anthony has an MBA (U. Florida).


Kevin Boeh

Kevin has raised over $6B for private and public technology firms and has completed over $6B in M&A. He worked in investment banking and management consulting before rejoining academia. He is a professor of finance (U. Washington), teaching and publishing about IPOs, M&A, and tech strategy. He is an active investor in start-ups and a member of several boards. Kevin has an MBA (UCLA) and a PhD (Ivey).

Advisory Board


Brad Wilson

Brad has over 25 years of experience in enterprise software and is a recognized leader in the area of customer relationship management (CRM).  He is a veteran of Silicon Valley startups as well as global technology firms like Microsoft, PeopleSoft (Oracle), and Hewlett-Packard. Brad has a master's in computer science (U. Florida) and an MBA (Emory).


Avanish Sahai

Avanish is a customer-obsessed, relationship-driven tech exec, investor, and entrepreneur. He has grown firms from $0 to $20-$100M, and has raised over $120M in venture funds. He is an executive, investor, and/or board member of ServiceNow, HubSpot, CareVault, Escalon, and Scribe. Avanish has an MSCE (Boston U.) and an MBA (UCLA).

Want to join the team?

Does working for the world's premier social sharing tech company appeal to you? Feel free to email us at with your resume attached.