See Who Else Is Nearby

Want to know if your friends are at a local bar or your colleague is at a networking conference? Gatherade Finder makes it easy.

Share Information with Speed and Simplicity

Gatherade allows users to seamlessly share as much or as little information with others as they want in seconds.

Connect with others across many platforms

You can search and filter through contacts by what they've shared with you then navigate directly to their profiles on other apps.

Gatherade...the local sharing app

Every day, there are billions of interactions between people. Phone numbers are shared between new friends...Email addresses are exchanged between business partners...People are linked on LinkedIn, added on Facebook and Snapchat, and followed on Instagram and Twitter.

Think about all the time that is wasted just to connect to one person. Gatherade helps reduce the amount of time wasted, while providing users with additional value in the form of location based features such as local deal notifications, purpose-driven location sharing options, and filterable contact searching that integrates with all of the most essential social applications.

Gatherade does this by allowing users to set up sharing preferences for user-defined relationships, so that information can be shared in seconds. Stop wasting time and money and download Gatherade today!


Now available for iOS!

Make sure to download Gatherade from the Apple App Store! The Android version will be available in the coming months!